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Tremor Video Renews TV Retargeting Deal With Alphonso

Programmatic platform Tremor Video DSP said it renewed its exclusive arrangement to use TV data from Alphonso to help advertisers retarget viewers on digital devices.

The new deal will allow Tremor to launch its TV retargeting system in Canada.

“Our three-year partnership with Alphonso allows brands and their agencies to leverage creative video intelligence in a groundbreaking way to help improve their media strategies and achieve their KPIs,” said Ofer Druker, executive chairman of Tremor Video DSP, which is owned by Taptica.

Druker said that TV retargeting has become more popular, with more advertisers taking advantage of the technology and more companies offering it.

Having worked with 300 brands and delivering more than 6,000 campaigns over the past three years, Druker thinks Tremor Video has a leg up in the marketplace.

”We have some advantage because when the technology is being born, you always have issues you need to overcome," he said. "You have to tweak and make adjustments. We’ve established our technology over the past three years. Clients are coming back to us again and again. That’s the best indication. There is almost no churn when they are using this technology.”

He said that that having the Alphonso data on an exclusive basis also helped clients get better results.

In Canada, advertisers will be able to reach audiences watching the most popular English and French TV networks, premium OTT non-ad supported content, and major tentpole events like the Super Bowl, Oscars and CMAs, among others for the first time. Canadian advertisers will also have the ability to retarget their own TV spots, as well as their competitors’ ads.

“We’ve put a lot of emphasis on TV because of our belief that retargeting is a big part of video advertising and its paying off," Druker said. "We see the growth. We see the interest among agencies among clients to work with us. We are on the right path.”