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TransUnion Picks Narrative to Ease Access to Data

(Image credit: TransUnion)

TransUnion is making it easier for advertisers to target ad campaigns based on its information about consumer attributes and attitudes by working with data streaming company Narrative.

(Image credit: Narrative)

“If you want to be relevant to consumers, you need to talk with them on their terms and stay connected across multiple channels,” said Matt Spiegel, executive VP, marketing solutions, head of media vertical, at TransUnion. “With our partnership with Narrative, marketers can access data that will help them deepen their view of consumers and develop more precise micro-segmentation, resulting in improved use of their marketing dollars.”

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Narrative’s streaming data platform enables TransUnion to easily distribute its data to data buyers, automating the operational workflow for data buyers to enrich their assets.

“With the tremendous growth in the use of data today, there isn’t always a transparent or simplified way to tap into the wealth of customer data available to many brands and marketers,” said Nick Jordan, founder, and CEO of Narrative. “This partnership between Narrative and TransUnion will give marketers access to a robust and accurate data set to help create authentic consumer experiences that will drive better outcomes for their marketing investment.”

TransUnion's validated attributes and audiences provides information about consumers in categories including automotive, business, consumer finance, demographic, homeownership and property.