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TorrentFreak: ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Finale Sets Piracy Record

HBO's Game of Thrones appears set to keep its crown as the most-pirated TV show as Sunday night’s season five finale set a new record of 1.5 million downloads in a span of eight hours, according to TorrentFreak, a site focused on file-sharing and privacy and copyright issues.

By comparison, it took about half a day last year for an episode of GoT to hit such a lofty piracy figure.

TorrentFreak said it expects that number to “swell to over 10 million during the days to come,” noting that the season finale also set a record for the number of people sharing a single file at the same time. At last check, TorrentFreak said 258,131 people were sharing a single torrent of the season five finale, with 181,075 sharing a complete copy of that particular torrent, with another 77,056 still in the process of downloading it.

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