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TNT Salutes Sager

TNT's longtime NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager has begun treatment for leukemia, TNT revealed as it began its coverage of the NBA playoffs, for which Sager will be absent.

Sager is known for his loud and colorful sartorial statements while interviewing players and coaches.

Craig Sager Jr. subbed for his dad at halftime of the Maverick/Spurs game Sunday, and Spurs' coach Gregg Popovich had a message for the senior Sager: "We miss you. You've been an important part of all of us for a long time.... We want your fanny back on the court!"

Earlier in the game TNT had shown some footage of some good natured banter between Popovich and Sager in interviews past, including Popovich blaming his team's turnovers on staring at Sager's ostentatious attire, and another where Popovich plucked a multicolored handkerchief from Sager's breast pocket and use it to wipe his face.

Sager may not have been there, but his spirit infused the coverage.

In honor of Sager, TNT's announcing crew all wore extremely colorful--if not exactly tasteful--suits and ties, including Marv Albert in an Easter Parade-inspired lavender assemblage, Shaq in a seersucker jacket, and Steve Kerr with a shirt that looked like an explosion in an egg dying kit factory for the Bulls Wizards game Sunday night, at which a player from each team held up a sign promoting the Twitter hashtag #getwellsager during the pregame show.