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TNT Orders Up "Dallas: The Next Generation"

TNT and TBS have ordered up four series pilots, including an update of Dallas.

The shows are from producers Dean Devlin (TNT's
), Marco Schnabel (TNT's Librarian), Kenneth Biller and
Mike Sussman (Star Trek: Voyager), Allan Loeb (The Switch, Wall Street),
and Cynthia Cidre (Mambo Kings).

The pilots for TNT are Perception (working title) from
Biller and Sussman, about a neuroscientist who helps the government
solve "complex cases"; an untitled drama project from Loeb based on "The
Rabbit Factory" about a detective who navigates
the singles seen while his widowed wife stays in contact with him; and
Dallas, Cidre executive producing, updating the iconic CBS series by
looking at the next generation of the Ewing oil dynasty.

TBS is working on Brain Trust, a comedy from Devlin about
a detective whose career rebounds from rock bottom with the help of a
trio of new super-smart partners.