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TLC Debuts ‘Hear Me, Love Me, See Me’ March 3

TLC premieres the three-part dating series Hear Me, Love Me, See Me, about whether or not love is blind, March 3. The show “takes physical attraction completely out of the equation and encourages those looking for love to focus on getting to know potential suitors before they see what they look like,” according to TLC.

Actress Christine Lakin hosts.

Hear Me, Love Me, See Me sees an eligible bachelorette meet three bachelors, using only POV cameras strapped to the men’s chests. She’ll get to see everything they see and talk directly to them, although neither person will see what the other person looks like.

At the end of the day, the woman must decide who has won her heart based solely on lifestyle, personality and emotional chemistry. After making her final decision, she will meet all three bachelors face-to-face, and only then is it revealed to her which man she chose.

The new couple will go on a date and determine if they truly do connect.

Hear Me, Love Me, See Me is produced by 495 Productions and is based on a format that has aired around the world.

Host Lakin is an actress who has appeared on Pop’s Hollywood Darlings and MTV’s Wild ‘n Out.