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TiVo Research Makes Data Deal With Oracle

TiVo Research said it will integrate its data into the Oracle Data Cloud, making it easier for advertisrs to meauser television audiences on their digital devices.

The deal will also help TV networks and programmers measure the impact of digital campaigns on viewership.

“This integration will give advertisers the ability to extend their TV media campaigns to reach viewers on their computers, cell phones, and other digital devices,” said Tara Maitra, TiVo’s senior VP, general manager content & media sales. “It will also help TV networks and programmers connect the dots between TV and digital audiences to help marketers make better decisions.”

The TiVo Research TV data platform anonymously matches digital and purchase behavior on a household level with second-by-second TV viewership data from 2.3 million households in a privacy protected manner.

“By using TiVo Research data through the Oracle Data Cloud, brands can build custom audiences based on TV viewing habits, as well as demographic, purchase intent, and offline purchase data,” said Oracle Data Cloud VP Pieter De Temmerman. “This holistic approach to audience building through the Audience Data Marketplace can help marketers reach the right people at the right time on the right device for their message.”