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Thriller ‘Next’ Premieres on Fox Oct. 6

Fernanda Andrade (left) and John Slattery in Fox's 'Next'
Fernanda Andrade (left) and John Slattery in Fox's 'Next' (Image credit: Ed Araquel / Fox)

Hi-tech thriller series Next starts on Fox Oc. 6. Manny Coto created the show, about humankind hustling to contain a growing artificial intelligence crisis. John Slattery plays a tech pioneer whose mind is deteriorating. His early flirtation with artificial intelligence has spawned something lethal. 

Fernanda Andrade, Jason Butler Harner, Eve Harlow and Michael Mosley are also in the cast. 

Fox described Next as “very much a manhunt, with an A.I. as the fugitive. It is searching for a place where it can expand its code and grow so powerful that it can never be stopped -- unless our heroes find it first.”

Coto executive produces the show.