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The Watchman: Strange Superheroes on HBO Max; Fox Nation Looks at ‘What Makes America Great’

Doom Patrol on HBO Max
Doom Patrol on HBO Max (Image credit: HBO Max)

Season two of Doom Patrol rolls in HBO Max June 25, after the first season aired on DC Universe’s streaming platform. DC calls it the “strangest group of heroes,” including Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane. Showrunner Jeremy Carver described Doom Patrol as “an exploration of the human condition wrapped up in a Trojan Horse of a superhero show.” He added, “There are a lot of layers to the show.” 

Brendan Fraser, Matt Bomer and Rita Farr are in the cast. 

Carver was never a big comic book guy and had not heard of Doom Patrol until he was approached about the series. He believes that may be an advantage. “I come with a slightly different point of view,” he said. 

What Makes America Great with Brian Kilmeade

What Makes America Great with Brian Kilmeade (Image credit: Fox Nation)

New episodes of What Made America Great debut on streaming platform Fox Nation June 29. Host Brian Kilmeade travels the country, revealing “the hidden history and ongoing controversies behind some of America’s most iconic locations,” according to Fox Nation. Kilmeade’s travels include trips to Washington to look into women’s voting rights and Huntsville, Texas to connect with Sam Houston’s legacy. The pandemic has made the visits challenging. “It’s so hard to plan something when you don’t know when you’re allowed to travel,” Kilmeade said. 

His goal is to “bring a different perspective, a different slice of America” to the nation’s history, and where it happened. “I always try to bring something you didn’t know,” Kilmeade said. 

He’s energized by people who want to talk about the big news event, unlike many politicians or pro athletes. “It’s a pleasure to cover something where people say thank you for covering it,” he said. “Thank you for being here.”

History Examines How We Get Through Tough Times 

History also checks out interesting places where history happened. Starting July 5, America: Our Defining Hours examines the most trying times in U.S. history — the Great Depression, civil rights, Pearl Harbor, Sept. 11 — and how we got through it. 

Jane Root, CEO of producer Nutopia, met with History execs as the pandemic was emerging. “They said, what can you do, what can you make?” she said. 

Root got the idea to examine how Americans respond in these exceedingly difficult times — “moments in history we come back to that at the time felt cataclysmic,” she said. 

The original title was Times We Were Tested. Two dozen notable historians weigh in on the events. Root said a project such as this would typically take a year. Our Defining Hours came together in about 14 weeks.

 What did she learn about Americans facing dire consequences? “People find the depth of resourcefulness,” she said. “People work together.”

Michael Malone
Michael Malone

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