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‘The Secret Life of the Zoo’ on Animal Planet Aug. 1

A red panda poses for the camera (Image credit: Animal Planet)

The Secret Life of the Zoo, showing the more intimate moments in the lives of animals at Chester Zoo in the UK, returns to Animal Planet Aug. 1. It is season five. 

In the season premiere, keepers work tirelessly to save mischievous Girlie, a blue-throated macaw, after she escapes from the zoo and her sister Lady calls out for her to return. The resilience of the zoo's Sumatran orangutans is tested as they recover from a fire that engulfed their enclosure. Audiences will also meet Dagmar, the matriarch of the giraffe herd, as she prepares to give birth and welcome a new member to the family.

The zoo is located in Cheshire, England, near Liverpool.