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‘The Mystery of D.B. Cooper’ on HBO Nov. 25

The hijacked Northwest Airlines jetliner 727 sits on a runway for refueling at Tacoma International Airport in Seattle, Washington on Nov. 25, 1971
The Northwest Airlines 727 jetliner hijacked by D.B. Cooper in 1971 (Image credit: HBO)

The Mystery of D.B. Cooper, a documentary about the man who hijacked a 727, bagged $200,000 in ransom and parachuted from the plane, never to be seen again, premieres on HBO Nov. 25. 

Directed by John Dower, the film details four individuals believed to be Cooper. 

The Cooper case happened in 1971 and continues to confound the FBI. HBO called it the only unsolved airplane hijacking in U.S. history.‌ The film offers exclusive interviews with key players in the case, and explores how the heist inspired copycat hijackings. 

The Mystery of D.B. Cooper is written and directed by Dower, produced by Anna Stephens, executive produced by Morgan Matthews and edited by Paul Carlin. From BBC Storyville, Mandy Chang and Hayley Reynolds also executive produce.