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Telemundo Targets 'Generation YLA'

Armed with proprietary research and Census numbers, Telemundo is going after "Generation YLA."

When the Census Bureau finishes releasing 2010 U.S. Census results, the figures will show what many in the media already suspected: That Hispanics are driving the population growth in America, and accounting for double-digit growth in places that have not been considered "traditional Hispanic hubs" before.

For instance, according to data released earlier this month for Maryland, Arkansas, Iowa, Indiana and Vermont, Hispanic growth is outpacing non-Hispanic growth in each state by double-digit margins.

In Arkansas, for example, the Hispanic population has more than doubled, with Hispanics driving 41% of the overall growth in the state.

These and other staggering statistics were part of a presentation Tuesday morning by Raul Cisneros, the Chief of Media Relations at the U.S. Census Bureau, who was invited to address a group of clients and trade media gathered by NBC-Universal and Telemundo in Manhatta

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