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Telaria Launches Addressable Products for Connected TV

Advertising software company Telaria said it launched a new set of products that lets video publishers and marketers deliver targeted, addressable campaigns via connected TV, over-the-top, mobile and desktop screens.

Telaria Audience Connects uses multiple addressable criteria to leverage the scale and quality of its premium publishers using first-party and third-party data sources, the company said.

“With linear addressability opportunities declining as cord cutters and cord-nevers swell, television buyers need a scalable solution to reach their desired audiences,” said Paige Bilins, chief product officer at Telaria. “We are providing a real alternative while solving the issue of wasted impressions by using an array of rich data to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time – at scale. For the first time, Telaria has the ability to connect the dots for buyers and sellers in a unique way no other company has been able to execute to date.”

Audience Connect is available through Telaria’s leading DSP partners via custom-built Private Marketplace Packages (PMPs). Publishers always have complete choice and control over the data they wish to expose, and to whom, on a deal-by-deal basis.

“The industry has limited ‘addressable’ to mean only household-level targeting on television, but we believe CTV is inherently addressable and can go beyond basic household-level data and holistically optimize audience, contextual, and behavioral criteria to drive campaign performance," said Laura Buchman, VP of addressable and audience strategy at Telaria. "This is a pivotal moment for publishers and buyers as they look to create more valuable inventory and execute campaigns with greater success and accuracy.” 

Audience Connect is currently being used by a number of key CTV publishers and advertisers.

Telaria’s clients include Hulu, SlingTV, SonyVue, PlutoTV, TubiTV, Singtel, Australia’s Channel Nine and Channel Ten, and Brazil’s Globo.