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TCA: Reilly: 'Door Open at Fox' For McPherson

Kevin Reilly, President, Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting, and a close personal friend of Steve McPherson, said that he has not talked to his former counterpart at ABC about his professional plans in the entertainment industry. But he said that if those plans involve producing, "the door will be open at Fox."

McPherson's abrupt resignation last week on the eve of press tour caught many in the industry off guard and has continued to resonate during the tour. Reilly's comments came during Fox's executive session on Aug. 2.

"Steve is a very close friend of mine," said Reillly. "I've known him for almost 30 years. All I can speak to is the depth of his character. He's loyal and a good friend. As a professional, he's a guy who is not afraid to have the courage of his conviction."

McPherson resigned July 27. In a statement, he said he would pursue an entrepreneurial venture in the spirits industry. Since then, reports of alleged impropriety have surfaced in media outlets and McPherson has well-known celebrity attorney Martin Singer to deal with those accusations.

Added Reailly: "On a personal level, it's been upsetting to me. So right now my focus is being a friend to him and being a friend to his family."