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TCA: PBS Showcases ‘Divided States of America’ With New Miniseries

Complete Coverage: TCA Summer 2016

PBS announced a batch of programming news and events at the TCA gathering in Beverly Hills, including Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda hosting the sixth annual PBS Arts Fall Festival, which starts Oct. 21 and runs on Friday nights. One program in the series will look into the making of Miranda’s Broadway smash.

Just before the presidential inauguration in January, PBS airs the Frontline special Divided States of America, a four-hour, two-night documentary miniseries that looks at events during the Obama presidency that led to divisions in our country and examines the landscape the next president will inherit.

PBS debuts The Great War, a six-hour, three-night event, in April 2017.

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Nearer term, PBS shows Spotlight Education, a weeklong special “examining the challenges facing today’s students and America’s education system,” Sept. 12-17.