TCA: Harry Connick Jr. Talk Show Designed to Look Like a ‘Destination’

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Beverly Hills, Calif. — When Harry Connick Jr. and the team behind his new talk show Harry designed the set, they didn’t want it to look like any other show out there.

“My philosophy and the philosophy of everybody that we’re working with is to give them something that doesn’t look like the nextdoor neighbor’s living room,” said Connick Jr. Wednesday during a TCA summer press tour panel for the talker. “But it looks like some incredible place maybe in New York City that they would like to go if they in fact could go, bringing them to a party, to a destination.”

Harry, which comes from NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution and is set to premiere Sept. 12 on select Fox stations, won’t only look different.

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“We’re going to have a show structured for Harry,” said executive producer Justin Stangel of the multi-talented Connick Jr. Stangel explained that each day the show will be scheduled but the producers won’t shy away from going with the moment.

“I felt that this would be an opportunity to do all of the things that I love sort of under one roof,” said consummate entertainer Connick Jr., adding that he always likes to try new things.

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Music will play a big part of the show — Connick Jr. wrote all of the music — as will cooking and comedy. There of course will be interviews, too. But because Connick Jr. doesn’t like pre-interviews they will be more conversational.

“Even if you know me as a performer, if you come see me there’s going to be some surprises for all of us,” said Connick Jr. “Me included because I don’t really know what’s going to happen.” 

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