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TCA: Gaspin: ‘More Life Left' In Broadcast

On the heels of announcements that NBC is abandoning its Jay Leno experiment at 10 and going back to a traditional upfront presentation this fall, NBC chief Jeff Gaspin acknowledged a fundamental shift in the network's view of broadcast television.

"We might have been too early on this one," Gaspin told reporters Sunday at the TCA press tour in Pasadena in response to the network's big changes in recent years such as Leno's strip at 10 and abandoning a traditional upfront. "Maybe there's a little more life left for us to mine."

Gaspin also said that, "instead of trying to re-invent, going back to basics is the [smart] play."

The words and actions mark a notable turn from several of NBC's statements and actions in recent years, as the company positioned itself as more of a cable company before a broadcast one, and execs spoke often about the need to fundamentally alter the business model for broadcast television.