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TCA: Fox Will Equal Or Surpass This Year's Development Budget

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Fox execs said Tuesday the network plans on sinking as much or more into development as it did this cycle.

"We'll spend much money on development this year as we did last year, maybe more," Fox Networks Group Entertainment Chairman Peter Rice told a gathering of TV critics in Pasadena, Calif.

And Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly noted all the money won't be funneled to traditional fall and midseason launches.

"We would like to put some more resources to the summer so we can program year round," Reilly said.

However, he did note that he hoped the coming X Factor singing competition show starring Simon Cowell, which debuts this fall, will help Fox gain some continuity of scheduling year round, with Idol in the second half of the season and So You Think You Can Dance over the summer.

Reilly also said the network needs "a next generation of hits" as some of its shows like Lie to Me and Fringe continue to air.

Among other topics, Rice noted that the anticipated drama Terra Nova is on budget at this point, though noted it is a "very expensive television show."

And when asked about other networks programming shows like Fox's hit Glee, Reilly commented the will "just make Glee look that much better."