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TCA: Amazon to Roll Out Season 2 of 'Transparent' on Dec. 4

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Beverly Hills, Calif. — Jill Soloway, creator of the multi-Emmy-nominated Transparent, joined cast members in measuring the pace of change in the industry and society since the show debuted during a TCA panel Monday promoting the next season of the show, which drops on Amazon Dec. 4.

"It's mind-blowing how much has happened over the past year, how our culture has caught up to 'Trans 101,'" Soloway said.

Jeffrey Tambor, who has collected numerous awards for his lead turn as a man transitioning to a woman, said his character would celebrate Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out and her E! series I Am Cait.

"Maura loves a party," he said, adding that he and the Transparent cast have met Jenner. “We love Caitlyn,” he said.

The show has changed behind the scenes in season two with the addition of trans woman Our Lady J in the writer’s room.

“Any show about trans people should have trans people at the center of it,” said Soloway, explaining that one of the pitfalls out there is that there are so few trans people in the industry.

Soloway said that she always had a yearning to make something that matters and after one of her parents came out as trans she was inspired to write Transparent.

“It really just presented itself fully formed as a way that I could write a love letter to my parent and hope that it would effect the world in a way that would make the world slightly safer for them to walk out of their apartment building,” she said.