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Taylor, Kuhlman Upped at Local TV

Local TV chief financial officer Pam Taylor was promoted to chief operating officer and senior vice president of finance Ted Kuhlman is replacing Taylor as CFO.

Taylor and Local TV CEO Bobby Lawrence have worked together off and on for decades, dating back to their time at Taft Broadcasting in the 1970s, as well as at Jacor Broadcasting. She has been Local TV’s CFO since its inception in February 2007.

“Pam has been my partner and right-hand person from the very beginning,” Lawrence said. “She has a tremendous ability to communicate and prioritize. I can’t imagine running this company without Pam by my side.”

Kuhlman joined Local TV one year ago as the company completed its purchase of nine stations, and he has held the senior VP of finance/chief accounting officer title since. “Ted is one of the smartest guys I’ve met in this business or anywhere else,” Lawrence said. “He, Pam and I are joined at the hip. We’re a great team.”