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‘Survivor’ Pulled From CBS' Fall Schedule

Host of CBS's 'Survivor' Jeff Probst
Host of CBS's 'Survivor' Jeff Probst (Image credit: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment)

CBS has revised its Wednesday lineup for the upcoming season, with The Amazing Race shifting from 9 p.m. to 8 p.m. in place of Survivor, whose production is held up due to the pandemic. Survivor producers “are continuing to work with officials in Fiji on the appropriate time to start production on its next edition, with health and safety matters the top priority for everyone involved,” said CBS. 

SEAL Team and SWAT follow The Amazing Race on Wednesdays. SWAT was initially planned for the mid-season. 

Phil Keoghan hosts The Amazing Race

New CBS shows debuting this coming season are Chuck Lorre comedy B Positive and Queen Latifah drama The Equalizer. Silence of the Lambs-inspired Clarice is set up for mid-season.

The next season of Survivor will be No. 41.