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‘Survivor: FCC'Star Heads To PBS

CBS' Survivor winner Yul Kwon, who
joined the FCC in October 2009
as deputy chief of the consumer and governmental
affairs bureau,
is exiting the FCC to get back into TV.

Kwon will be
the host of a new PBS series, America
, starting in the fall. Kwon won Survivor in 2006, the first Asian-American winner, and went on to
become a special correspondent for CNN and program host for Discovery before.
But Kwon's experience runs the gamut from jobs at Google to serving as an aide
to Sen. Joseph Lieberman to practicing law. He is a graduate of Stanford
and Yale Law School.

PBS, which
touted the series at the Television Critics Association tour in Pasadena, Calif.,
tapped Kwon to be the "guide" for the show, which will combine aerial
footage, satellite data and more for a different, "above the clouds"
perspective on how the country operates. PBS says that in his new assignment,
Kwon, who has been dealing with FCC consumer-focused issues like broadband
deployment and childhood obesity, "jumps out of airplanes, climbs to the
top of an energy tower in Montana, accompanies a Nebraska farmer on a crop
harvest and rides with Las Vegas cabbies during the city's annual cowboy
convention," for his new gig.

"The FCC has benefitted
tremendously from Yul's energy, warmth, and wide range of knowledge and skills,"
said FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski in a statement. "We wish him
well in his future endeavors."