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‘Survivor’ Contestant Ejected After ‘Incident’

Survivor contestant Dan Spilo has been booted from the game following an off-screen incident on the program. At the end of the episode on Dec. 11, host Jeff Probst turned up at the contestants’ camp and informed them that Spilo was out. As the episode ended, this appeared on screen:

“Dan was removed from the game after a report of another incident, which happened off-camera and did not involve a player.”

Spilo, 48, is a talent agent in Hollywood. Earlier in the season, he was accused of inappropriate touching by contestant Kellee Kim. He apologized. Kim was voted out and other accusations against Spilo came out, but it appeared that some of his accusers were using the accusations to better position themselves in the game.

The father of two, Spilo got a warning from the production team about his behavior. His status in the game appeared to improve after that.

People said the incident that resulted in Spilo’s removal happened after an immunity challenge when the contestants were boarding a boat. It involved a member of the Survivor production team.

Kim wrote on Twitter that it was “inappropriate touching” that got Spilo ejected.

Entertainment Weekly said it is the first time in 39 seasons of Survivor that a contestant was removed due to bad behavior.

The season finale happens Dec. 18.