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‘Survivor’ Back on CBS Feb. 20

Season 38 of Survivor kicks off on CBS Wednesday, Feb. 20. The theme is “Edge of Extinction,” with the 18 castaways divided into two tribes. There’s an island known as Edge of Extinction. When players are voted out, they can venture to the island, where they survive until they are given a chance to return to the game.

“Those who can withstand the emotionally and physically difficult challenge will be afforded a shot for one of them to get back in the game and continue their quest for $1 million,” said CBS.

The show films in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji.

Survivor continues to reinvent itself with new energy, and this season we’ve added a new secret game-changing twist,” said executive producer/host Jeff Probst. “After being voted out, players will be faced with a decision to either go home or go to the ‘Edge of Extinction,’ where they will be pushed further than ever before for a chance to get back in the game.”

The castaways include news anchor Rick Devens, TV writer David Wright and firefighter Eric Hafemann.

Survivor is produced by S.E.G. Holdco., LLC. Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst and Matt Van Wagenen are executive producers.