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Sunwise Media Set to Release ‘Hope Village’

Sunwise Media said it will release its documentary Hope Village on May 12 via DVD and digital.

The release is being time to coordinate with Mental Health Month and Substance Abuse Prevention Week.

The film, directed by Sunwise’s Ri-Karlo Handy, is about Lucy Hall, the founder of Mary Hall Freedom House, a women’s addiction treatment facility.

“This documentary was born from my own search for understanding and help for my father who is in recovery,” said Handy. “I encountered Lucy Hall and was taken by her candid and powerful message of hope. Hope Village was created to shift the conversation from substance abuse and addiction to recovery. We do recover and we do get better – this project is a blue print to how so many of us have done just that.”

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Sunwise will be hosting a free livesream premiere party and online workshops.all treatment centers, schools and individuals in recovery and their loved ones are being invited to attend online May 12h. Links and invite codes can be accessed at

Hope Village will be available digitally from platforms including Amazon, Films Media Group/Infobase and Hoopla. The DVD will also be available on Amazon and wherever DVDs are sold.

Educational and non-theatrical screening licenses are available through Soundview Media Partners,

Sunwise Media, started by former Bounce execs Handy and Elverage Allen, aims to create documentaries and features aimed at doing good for the community.