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Suddenlink Addresses Economics Of Bundling In Viacom Contract Renewal Dispute

Suddenlink,calling Viacom's offers "neither fair nor reasonable," apprised its subscribers about bundling in its latest update regarding its contract renewal negotiations with the content company.
The cable operator and the parent of such networks as Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central face the expiration of their current deal at midnight on Jan. 1.
In the latest missive to customers on its Web site, Suddenlink again talked about Viacom seeking more than a 20% price increase for its portfolio of networks and the continued inclusion of movie service Epix in its proposals.
"Although we have made it clear to Viacom that their recent offers are neither fair nor reasonable, they continue to seek a significant overall increase in what they're paid, still at more than 20% and still demanding payment for a new channel with R-rated programming that our customers have not requested and many of them do not want," Suddenlink wrote.
The cable company then addressed customer queries about the possibilities of retaining some Viacom channels, at the expense of losing others.
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