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Subscription Comedy Service Seeso Launches

Seeso, NBCUniversal’s comedy-focused digital channel, has launched. NBCU has priced the service, which features a range of comic content, from stand-up to Saturday Night Live and Monty Python classics to original comedies, at $3.99 monthly. Seeso starts with more than 2,000 hours of original content.

NBCU kicked off a month-long, web-only, free beta period on Dec. 3. Original Seeso series include the game show spoof Dave & EthanLovemakers, the boozy comedians salon Before the Morning After, and Amy Poehler’s The UCB Show.

“We put together what we think is the best collection of comedy in one place,” said Evan Shapiro, executive VP, NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises, in a statement last month.

Seeso represents the latest effort of networks appealing to users with a la carte digital offerings.