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Study: More ‘Demand’ for HBO Than Netflix

While the absence of Netflix ratings makes it difficult to compare the OTT player’s original series success, relative to its peers, a new study pits the hot programs from Netflix against those at HBO and Amazon. Parrot Analytics compared demand for the top five shows from Netflix, HBO and Amazon in various global markets, using a metric called “demand expressions” that weighs video streaming, social media, blogging, file-sharing and wiki platforms, among other entities.

The study measured demand expressions in September among HBO, Netflix and Amazon, and HBO and Netflix held all of the top 10 spots. HBO’s Game of Thrones was first with 28.2 million expressions, nearly double Netflix’s Narcos at 14.3 million. Then it was Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black at nearly 8 million demand expressions, HBO’s True Detective at 7.8 million and the premium cable net’s Silicon Valley at 6.3 million.

The rest of the top 10 were HBO’s Last Week Tonight With John Oliver and Ballers, then Netflix’s Sense8, Daredevil and Marco Polo.

Amazon held the No. 11-15 spots, including Hand of God (No. 11) and Transparent (12).

“Amazon is still a follower in the digital originals game,” concluded Parrot.

Game of Thrones was also top of the pops in the U.K. and Australia, according to Parrot.

Taking Thrones out of the equation, Parrot says HBO and Netflix have virtually the same demand among U.S. consumers.