Study Finds Integrations Thrive in OTT Environment

Integrating a product into programming boosts recall.
Integrating a product into programming boosts recall. (Image credit: TripleLift)

With more viewers and advertisers wading into the over-the-top video space, a new study finds that brand integrations in OTT programming brings additional consumer attention to products featured in 30-second commercials.

The study was conducted by TripleLift, whose software inserts products into shows post productions, and biometric research firm MediaScience. 

“During the pandemic, streaming to TVs more than doubled with Americans watching 27 billion minutes of content per day, versus 70 billion per week just a year ago," said Michael Shields, general manager of Advanced Advertising, TripleLift. "It’s now clear that, from a business perspective, the next two years will determine the winners and losers of the OTT space for the next two decades. Audiences want compelling experiences, including compelling ads. Our contribution is to launch products that are consumer-friendly and data-driven to ensure we're driving value for marketers.” 

The study had four key results: 

Integrations catch the viewers’ eye and generate 3.6 times more attention to the part of the screen where the placement occurs. There was a 98% lift in attrition for the integrated product when there was also a traditional ad for the same grand.

Integrations drove a 50% increase in brand recall when there was both a product placement and a 30-second spot.

Product integrations create higher ad engagement, even subconsciously, with biometric measurements showing an 11% increase in engagement intensity when an integration is paired with a commercial.

Viewers enjoyment is unaffected when shows include integrations.

“In short, this research proves the value of brand integrations, but the breakthrough was through the use of neurometrics to properly measure this effect," said Dr. Duane Varan, CEO of MediaScience. "You can't simply ask people what they think about an integration - that approach heightens a viewer’s defenses, producing pseudo results. Instead, we carefully controlled the variables and used our best-in-class methods through eye tracking, heart rate, and galvanic skin response to properly quantify the effectiveness of brand integrations.” 

TripleLift sees integrations in the OTT space being bought and places using the kind of technology the company offers.

“We’re seeing strong, early performance for post-production insertions where content creators and media buyers have the flexibility to integrate products into programming when relevant, timely and directed to the right audience,” said Shields. “This is a game-changer for the industry, but we're still in early stages. We're excited to be leading in the development of new consumer-first ad experiences that will define the future of television.”

Jon Lafayette

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