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Steve Louden Named CFO of Roku

Roku, the maker of streaming players and an app platform for an array of connected TV partners, said Steve Louden is coming on board as chief financial officer as the company continues its global expansion.

Louden, most recently the treasurer for Expedia, succeeds former Roku CFO Erik Bardman. Louden is also late of Washington Mutual, McKinsey and Company, and the Walt Disney Company.

Roku, the topic of IPO rumors in recent years, has raised more than $150 million, shipped more than 10 million devices in the U.S., and generated north of $250 million in revenues last year.  In a recent interview (subscription required), Roku CEO Anthony Wood declined to discuss future financial plans for the privately-held company, but said Roku is “well capitalized.” Louden is also coming on board as Roku faces stiff competition in the streaming media player sector from companies such as Google, Apple, and Amazon.

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