Spurlock’s Warrior Poets Developing ‘Fight Church’ into TV Series

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and his production company Warrior Poets have signed a deal to develop a TV show based on the film Fight Church.

Directed by Daniel Junge and Bryan Storkel, Fight Church documents cage-fighting pastors who try to reconcile the violence of the sport with their faith.

“I’m always looking for docs that can cross-over to the TV world,” says Spurlock. “The controversial nature of this project and the buzz it is already getting around the country, make this particular one the perfect candidate."

Junge and Storkel also announced Wednesday they will partner with Lionsgate and Netflix to distribute the film.

Lionsgate acquired VOD rights for North America and will premiere the film Sept. 16, and Netflix will premiere it this fall.

“After seeing the incredible attention our film trailer has received from press like The Colbert ReportCNNGood Morning America and many more, we are excited that audiences everywhere will finally have a chance to see the film,” says director Bryan Storkel. “As a documentary lover, I couldn’t be happier to be partnering with these respected companies in bringing Fight Church to the masses.”