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SportsCastr Launches FanChain Cryptocurrency For Sports

SportsCastr, the live-streaming platform that lets fans comment during game telecasts, is launching FanChain, which lets sports fans earn and redeem tokens.

FanChain uses a version of blockchain built specifically for the sports business.

On SportCastr, viewers can send broadcasters virtual gifts and tips. Those gifts can be redeemed for Fanz tokens.

“The rise of digital-first distribution platforms, social networking, live video and blockchain technology have all converged to pave the way for SportsCastr to thrive,” said Kevin April, CEO of SportsCastr. “With the launch of FanChain, anyone can use SportsCastr to not only connect with a global network of like-minded sports fans, but to enter a new digital economy.”

The cryptocurrency system give athletes, teams, leagues and media a way to promote and reward fans and for creating value.

The reward system is being supported through a partnership with FanWide, which helps fans find local game watch parties.