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Sports, News Nets Can Evolve Without Changing Game Plan #NYCTVWk #TCS

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The television field may be evolving but executives from news, weather and sports networks say the playbook of delivering quality and informative programming is still an audience and brand winner.

Executives speaking at The Content Show’s “The Changing Face of News, Sports and Weather” panel Wednesday said changes in brand, content and business operations are inevitable in order to effectively stay competitive in a crowded television marketplace. Networks however, need to remain on brand and continue to deliver appealing content that viewers want to see.

“We have to recognize that we are caretakers from some incredibly well-known brands and within those brands you have tremendous latitude if you stay true to the audience expectations are,” said Steve Capus, executive producer for CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley and executive editor CBS News. “Where we see people get out of sorts is when there is such an overreach that it doesn’t fit in with the particular brand.”

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