SpikeTV Orders Fourth Season of '1000 Ways to Die'

Spike TV on
Tuesday ordered a fourth season of 1000 Ways to Die with 13 episodes to
premiere in March 2012.

Currently in the
middle of its third season, 1000 Ways to Die has averaged 1.6 million viewers.
This season has improved in its timeslot by 25% with total viewers, 23% M25-49 and
108% with M18-24.

Ways to Die
reenacts, in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, all the
ways people can get themselves killed. Each episode is interlaced with witness
testimonials, historical facts, scientific explanations and CGI effects.

The series is
executive produced by Thom Beers, Philip Segal and Tom McMahon, with Jeff
Conroy serving as co-executive producer.