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Spike Picks Up Doomsday Competition Show

Spike TV is jumping on the apocalypse-themed TV bandwagon,
ordering new competition reality series Last
Family on Earth

The six-episode, one-hour series features families competing
for a spot in an underground bunker built to survive any end-of-days scenario. Last Family, from Pilgrim Studios, will
premiere this fall with the finale timed for the winning family to move into
the bunker by Dec. 21, 2012, the date of the world's end as predicted by the
Mayan calendar.

Last Family will
showcase survival techniques and provide information viewers may use to prepare
for doomsday. Contestants will participate in challenges to test endurance and
physical skills, leadership abilities, integrity and character, with a panel of
three survivalist-expert judges helping to determine which family is eliminated
each week.

Two other apocalypse-survival shows -- National Geographic
Channel's Doomsday Preppers and
Discovery Channel's Doomsday Bunkers
-- debuted last February and March, respectively.