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Spanish-Language TV Sees Big Political Spending in Florida

Spanish-language television is seeing big increases in political ad spending, particularly in swing state Florida, according to Kantar’s Campaign Media Analysis Group.

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Nationwide since Sept. 1, Kantar calculates that $932 million has been spent on presidential campaign ads across TV and radio and that 62% of that ($581 million ) has been for Joe Biden. President Trump’s re-election campaign has been backed by $352 million in TV and radio ads during that time.

That number includes ads already scheduled to run through Nov. 3.

Three of the top five markets in terms of presidential election ad spending are in Florida, with Orlando seeing $51.2 million, Miami getting $47.9 million and Tampa garnering $46.1 million.

Kantar noted that since January 2019, $24 million has been spent in Florida on Spanish-language broadcast TV to reach the large Puerto Rican, Cuban and Venezuelan populations in the state.

Nearly $5 million has been spent in Orlando on Spanish-language broadcast TV, compared to less than $1 million during the entire 2016 presidential election cycle. Many ads have focused on Puerto Rican immigrants, many of whom relocated there after Hurricane Maria.

Spending on Spanish language network advertising was more than $15 million, up from $3 million in 2016. 

For the September to Nov. 3 period, Phoenix ranks No. 2  

The other top 5 market is Philadelphia.

(Image credit: Kantar)