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Space Station Braces for Flying Sauces

Boomers will recall that Tang, that grainy orange beverage, was the breakfast drink of astronauts. And remember those freeze-dried packages of ice cream that contained a substance  that tasted like slick and sickly sweet paint chips? And then there were Pillsbury's Space Food Energy Sticks. Don't ask.

Well, that was then.

According to the Food Network, Chef Emeril Lagasse has whipped up a meal for the International space station astronauts--Mardi Gras jambalaya, kicked-up mashed potatoes with bacon, green beans with garlic, rice pudding, and mixed fruit--a feast that will be captured on NASA TV Aug. 10, when the astronauts will also get to talk to Lagasse.

The food was shipped to the space station on shuttle Discovery's flight last month.

There will be a follow-up special on Food Network in October chronicling the trip from Emeril's kitchen, OK, the NASA Space Food Lab, to the space station.