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Social Media Users ‘Love’ Kobe Bryant, Says Canvs

In the past 90 days, according to social-emotion analytics company Canvs’ analysis of tweets captured by Nielsen, Canvs has detected 563,048 Emotional Reactions (ERs) referencing the Los Angeles Lakers' Kobe Bryant, who is slated to play his last NBA game April 13, with an overwhelming 38.4% expressing “love.”

The other main ERs fell into the “crazy” (7.8%), “good” (6.8%), “excited” (5.5%), “hate” (5.4%), and “sad” (4.4%) categories. 

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The majority of ERs were captured during the 2016 NBA All-Star Game (11.7%), which aired February 14 on the TNT network, followed by two head to head bouts with King James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, which accounted for an additional 9%.

However, outflanking all of the major national networks TNT (23%), ESPN (6.8%) and NBA TV (6.5%), the Lakers local TWC Sportsnet has seen the biggest spike in Emotional Reactions with 149,950 ERs equating to a whopping 26.8%.

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With the Laker’s playoff hopes destroyed, Kobe will retire on a high note among fans.