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SNL Kagan Sees 430,000 Video Sub Losses in Q3

Multichannel providers lost 430,000 video customers during the third quarter, slightly more than a year ago, according to research company SNL Kagan.

So far this year, Kagan says, cable operators, satellite distributors and telcos have dropped 1.3 million, the largest decline ever through nine month of the year.

Cord cutting and cord shaving by young consumers has raised concerns about the future growth of affiliate revenue for television networks.

Satellite actually gained 46,000 subscribers as AT&T shifts customers to DirecTV from U-verse.

Cable lost 94,000 video customers, the smallest third-quarter decline since 2006.

Telcos were down 382,000, hurt by AT&T’s winding down of U-verse.

Kagan says that when you add in 925,000 subscribers to Dish Network’s Sling TV, the multichannel decline in multichannel customers is reduced to 822,000.