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Snapchat Using Nielsen to Measure Mobile Ads 3V

Nielsen said that Snapchat will use its Digital Ad Ratings to measure audiences of its 3V advertising on digital devices.

Snapchat’s 3V ads are full-screen, vertical videos that Snapchat users view by choice within the apps Discover feature and Live Stories section.

Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings reports a campaign's total digital audience across computers, tablets and smartphones using metrics that are comparable to TV. This will enable Snapchat to deliver a mobile audience reach, frequency, demo composition and gross ratings points for Snapchat 3V campaigns.

"We're excited to work with Nielsen to measure the great results our advertisers see every day on Snapchat," said Imran Khan, chief strategy officer, Snapchat. "We're committed to bringing all the major measurement solutions to our platform."

"Snapchat's 3V ads represent a unique approach to advertising," said Steve Hasker, chief operating officer, Nielsen. "We're proud that Snapchat has chosen Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings for its first foray into standardized campaign measurement and look forward to continued collaboration."