Smithsonian Channel Orders Four New Wildlife Series

Smithsonian Channel said it has ordered a slate of wildlife programs set to premiere through 2018, promising that the four programs will deliver, in 4K, "smart stories, unique perspectives and breathtaking visuals."

“We are making an ongoing commitment to wildlife and conservation programs, and have become a world leader in natural history production,” David Royle, executive VP of programming and production, Smithsonian Channel, said in a release. “We are one of the few channels to commit an entire night of primetime programming, every week, to exploring and celebrating the natural world, and we are proud to feature today’s most talented wildlife filmmakers.”

The shows, with network descriptions: 

America's Badlands (pictured): Set in the harsh yet beautiful landscape of South Dakota, features one of the last remaining outposts of black-tailed prairie dogs. Life is tough as blistering heat, ceaseless winds and punishing cold pummel the colony. The documentary follows their hardships, competition and fight for survival as seasons change, and neighbors and predators encroach on their beloved territory. Produced by Mike Birkhead Associates, a co-production between Terra Mater Factual Studios and Smithsonian Networks set to premiere in December.

The Mountain Lion and Me(working title): Chronicles Casey Anderson’s quest to document the life of a female mountain lion that hunts in his backyard in southwest Montana. Over a one-year period, Anderson follows in the tracks of the lion, capturing an unprecedented intimate look at mountain lion behavior as she struggles to raise three kittens. The documentary is produced by Vison Hawk Films and set to premiere in February 2018.

Fishing For Giants: Follows extreme angler Andy Coetzee as he travels the world in search of the largest and most elusive fish species on the planet. He’s obstinate, passionate and determined to catch these monster fish with only a rod and a line. To catch these giants, he must immerse himself in their world and push himself to the limit in some of the wildest places on earth. The series is produced by Earth Touch and set to premiere in April 2018.

The Lizard's Tale(working title): Follows biologists and wildlife filmmakers Neil Losin and Nathan Dappen on their year-long journey to discover how lizards have evolved to meet every new challenge they face with an ingenious adaptation. Traveling from remote forests and tiny islands to high-tech labs and big cities, they reveal how simple rules can explain the complexity of nature and how these unassuming lizards could change the way people think about life on Earth. The documentary is produced by Day’s Edge Productions, and a premiere date has not been set.

Smithsonian Channel is owned by Smithsonian Networks, a joint venture between CBS's Showtime Networks Inc. and the Smithsonian Institution.