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Showtime Makes a Campus Connection

Showtime and Apogee have inked a partnership that paves the way for certain colleges and universities to make the Showtime Anytime app available to college and university students.

Apogee said it will include Showtime Anytime at no added charge for any school that adds Showtime to their video offering. Schools that support the offer will enable students to authenticate themselves on the app using their existing school credentials.

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Apogee, which acquired Campus Televideo in 2015, and Showtime did not announce which schools will support the premium programmer’s TV Everywhere app early on, but Apogee’s public school partners include the University of Washington, Princeton University, MIT, Texas A&M, University of Colorado, Purdue University, Auburn, University of Tennessee, Duke, University of Southern California, Buffalo State University, San Francisco State University, Birmingham-Southern College, and the University of North Texas, among others.

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