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Seinfeld Gets Monthly Gig at N.Y.’s Beacon

While some performers trek to Vegas for a residency gig, Jerry Seinfeld can just hop a cab to fulfill his new monthly performance schedule at New York’s Beacon Theatre. Dubbed “Jerry Seinfeld: The Homestand,” the comic will perform six monthly shows at the Manhattan theater, starting Jan. 7, and continuing Feb. 17, Mar. 2, April 14, May 5 and June 8. Seinfeld said the schedule could be extended if audiences continue to turn out.

The arrangement is similar to that of another Long Island-reared performer—Billy Joel performs monthly at Madison Square Garden. Seinfeld cited Joel’s model at a news conference announcing The Homestand, during which a host of New York sports stars, including former Knick Walt Frazier and former Met John Franco, presented Seinfeld with personalized team jerseys. (On his hit series Seinfeld, the comedian famously noted that a sports allegiance is, essentially, “rooting for the clothes.”)

Both venues are owned by Madison Square Garden Company. James Dolan, executive chairman of Madison Square Garden Co. and president and CEO of Cablevision Systems, introduced Seinfeld at the news conference.

The Beacon seats around 2,800. 

Seinfeld, distributed by Sony Pictures Television, continues to be a syndication staple.