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Season Two of ‘Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted’ on Nat Geo June 7

Season two of Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted starts on Nat Geo June 7. Chef Ramsay travels the globe, seeking out culinary inspiration.

“We’re exploring seven new regions this season, each with vastly different culinary customs and history,” said Ramsay. “We get the opportunity to learn from the locals and hear their stories, and that gives us a much deeper experience and understanding of the world around us.”

Ramsay touches down in Tasmania, South Africa, Indonesia, Louisiana, Norway, India and Guyana this season. “He’ll journey deep into the landscape of each place he visits, scaling mountains, battling 10-foot waves, braving frigid temperatures and bushwhacking his way through the backcountry to forage for some of the finest ingredients in the world,” said Nat Geo. “From swimming in great white shark-infested waters to participating in a traditional bull run, Ramsay risks life and limb in his biggest and boldest missions yet in order to achieve edible excellence.”

Various dishes he tries and people he meets inspire Ramsay to create a recipe from scratch. Each episode concludes with the chef doing a cookout with a local food legend by his side, preparing a meal for those Ramsay met on his journey.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted is produced by Studio Ramsay for National Geographic. For Studio Ramsay, executive producers are Gordon Ramsay, Lisa Edwards and Jon Kroll. For National Geographic, executive producer is Betsy Forhan, VP of production is Kevin Tao Mohs and executive VP of National Geographic unscripted entertainment is Geoff Daniels.