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Season Two of ‘Good Eats: Reloaded’ on Cooking Channel April 13

Good Eats: Reloaded, hosted by Alton Brown, returns on Cooking Channel April 13. It is season two and there are 13 episodes.

“Each week, Alton revisits a fan-favorite episode and updates the content with today's perspective, complete with his signature sense of humor and expert take on science and food,” said Cooking Channel.

The season starts with a reload of “The Egg Files,” an exploration of eggs from every conceivable angle.

Other episodes tackle coffee roasting, grinding, brewing and the gear needed to do it; a reinvention of a golden cake recipe and Brown’s take on what pot roast is supposed to be.

"Alton's audience is smart, tech-savvy and they want to watch Good Eats: Reloaded from wherever they are," said Courtney White, president, Food Network and Cooking Channel. "The show's combination of nostalgia and innovation make this series exactly the content his fans crave."

Cooking Channel GO offers a Good Eats preview April 6th.

"Turns out everything old is new again...or at least Good Eats is," said Brown. "These classic episodes have received the full 'reload' treatment so they're repaired, renovated, remodeled and well...better."

Good Eats premiered in 1999 and ran for 13 years on Food Network. The program combines food science, pop culture, skit humor, innovative cooking, and the occasional belching puppet, said Cooking Channel.