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Season 10 of ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ on Discovery Oct. 25

(Image credit: Discovery)

A new season of Alaska: The Last Frontier begins on Discovery Oct. 25. Season 10 examines the Kilcher family dealing with some challenges, including an upcoming summer wildfire season and the pandemic. “The Homer natives must work together to ensure that they can continue to survive and thrive on the homestead that Yule Kilcher established 80 years ago,” said Discovery. 

The unscripted show is about the Kilcher family getting through remote Alaska’s harsh climate thanks to their homesteading instincts. The Kilchers live on 640 acres of wilderness, and are adept at hunting, gardening and gathering. 

Film crews are evacuated due to COVID, so the Kilchers film their own lives. “We see the family in a whole new way,” promises Discovery. Jane becomes the main provider of the family’s meat, Eve plants a massive garden, Atz Sr. has health scares while planning to rebuild the family’s original cabin, and August follows in grandfather Yule’s footsteps as a filmmaker. 

Discovery Studios produces the program. For Discovery Studios, Molly Mayock, Sandy Varo Jarrell and Suzanne Rauscher are executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Gretchen Morning is executive producer.