Sean Hannity Not Getting Replacement For Alan Colmes

Sean Hannity will not get a permanent co-host to replace Alan Colmes, his partner of 12 years. Instead, Hannity will helm his Fox News show with a rotating panel that will include a liberal, a conservative and an X Factor.

The new show, which will bow Jan. 12, will simply be called Hannity, although his panel will get their own moniker -- The Great American Panel. 

Hannity will add a few new elements to the mix, including the Hate Hannity Hotline, a compilation of colorful comments -- voicemail and video messages -- from listeners of Hannity's syndicated radio program.

Colmes announced last month that he would leave the daily grind of Hannity & Colmes. He will make his last appearance on H&C Jan. 9. He will stay at FNC as a liberal commentator and is also developing a weekend program for the network. The production staff for Hannity will remain in place.

Bill Shine, senior vice president., programming at FNC, said in a statement: "When Alan Colmes left us..., we decided to build a new program utilizing Sean’s signature talents rather than take on the monumental task of replacing someone as exceptional as Alan and attempting to rebuild a rare chemistry that is unlikely to ever be matched in cable television again.”