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Science Channel Launches Digital Offshoot Network

Discovery's Science Channel has launched a companion digital network, Sci2.

Sci2 will feature curated short-form science videos and live feeds from across the web and is designed to be available on all platforms including desktops, smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

The digital network will cater exclusively to an online audience, featuring videos on wide-ranging topics such as how to wash your hair in space and incredible active volcanoes to snoring ducks and new angles of Felix Baumgartner's 2012 space jump.

Elise Andrew, founder of the popular Facebook page "I Fu*king Love Science" will serve as chief curator for Sci2.

"Science has never been more popular. We see that on air, at the movies and in the fantastic content available online," said Debbie Myers, executive VP and general manager, Science Channel. "With Sci2 we're using our sensibility as programmers to curate that online content into a new experience where viewers can lean back and enjoy an entertaining, immersive experience. The combined editorial brain trust of Elise and the Science Channel team ensures that Sci2 will have only the best science videos to watch anywhere online."