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Sci Fi Is in the Zone

There's a signpost up ahead. Twilight Zone's next stop is still...The Sci Fi Channel.

The channel is keeping that classic series, plus adding a big influx of other programming, including Star Trek: Enterprise, in a deal with CBS Paramount Domestic TV.

The channel, owned by NBC Universal, has also picked up cable rights to other series including The Tales From the Darkside and CBS' swiftly-benched sci fi drama from last season, Threshold, as well as two Stephen King miniseries and five made-for-TV movies.

Sci Fi says Enterprise, which ran four years on CBS's co-owned UPN net, will debut in early fall, with Tales showing its dark side later in the year.

Also on tap for fall are the Stephen King miniseries, The Langoliers and The Stand, as well as Invaders, featuring Enterprise star Scott Bakula.