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‘Savage Kingdom’ on Nat Geo Aug. 14

(Image credit: Nat Geo)

The fourth season of Savage Kingdom starts on National Geographic Aug. 14. About wildlife survival in Mombo, Northern Botswana, Savage Kingdom is narrated by Charles Dance. Nat Geo describes the setting as “where peace never lasts long, and power comes with a price.”

There is a dreadful drought in Northern Botswana. “The tables are turning; dominance is shifting; and every player in this Game of Thrones must fight not only to survive but to defend his or her rightful place in an ever-changing, cut-throat kingdom,” said Nat Geo, promising battling lions, leopards and wild dogs. 

Those include leopard Motshidi, who appeared in last season, and lion Tsebe, the female leader of the Southern Pride and “Queen of all Mombo,” said Nat Geo. 

An actor, Dance played Tywin Lannister on Game of Thrones

There are six parts to the new season. Two episodes air each Friday for three weeks.